BeautyMART SS14 Press Day







For the last month I’ve been assisting  BeautyMART with all things PR related. It has been a hectic month but boy have I learnt a lot. For anyone who doesn’t know, BeautyMART is a boutique which sells iconic and edited beauty products online and in-store at Topshop (Oxford Circus), Harvey Nichols (Knightsbridge) and Shoreditch.

Anyway, here are some things that I snapped on the press day and they’ll be making their way into stores and online soon

1. Bourjois, Limited Edition Blushes, The little round pots have had a little revamp playing homage to Bourjois’ roots in 1934. 

2. Japonesque brushes, super soft bristles and the pink marble handles, would add a little something  to my growing  brushes stash. 

3. SANS [ceuticals], this New Zealand brand are going to be  ‘major’, they’re chemical-free,  and the sleek black packaging also makes it look über chic. P.S once you’ve smelt these you will be hooked.

  4. Legology, Air-Lite, Developed by Kate Shapland (Telegraph, beauty editor) this cream is like no other I’ve tried. It instantly cools legs, Millie Kendall (co-founder of BM) swears by it.

5. Eau Précieuse, when I tweeted this my twitter feed went a bit cray. Is this  the new answer to the Bioderma hype? Well sorta’. A french skincare brand, this micellar water contains salicylic acid, which is great for spot prone skin. 

6. HOH x Elegant Touch nails, amazing for a night out, super-cute prints, you can’t go wrong with these. 

7. RGB nail polishes, get spring friendly nails in one coat. ILIA,  organic make-up doesn’t get better than this, a little goes a long way with these cheek sticks.

  8. Finally, the BB brush by Japonesque, if you love applying your make-up with a stippling brush,  then this is for you. The densely packed bristles are designed to apply BB creams but I think that this brush is going to be a good all-rounder.

Phew, there were so many exciting products that were on show that I didn’t manage to snap (I was way too busy snacking on the croissants.) 

There’s no better time to get behind a small British beauty business. Ok I’m going to stop gushing and take my make-up off. Have a lovely day/night and chat soon!


When nude nails go wrong?

So, its the day before Valentine’s and as I was painting my nails I realised that the colour was slightly off. You see I wanted to go for a nude base with a little heart on the tips, I know very chic. What I have ended up with is my nails looking a little bit off.

Foundation nail shades were meant to be a thing but I think that I am going to give this nude ‘trend’ a miss.

The nail shade in question is Rimmel London, I heart Lasting Fashion in ‘Get It While it’s Hot!’ which is part of their new S/S 14 collection. The finish is glossy  with a slight metallic hint. It’s a shade that would lush on sun-kissed golden/fairer skin tones.  I guess this is a good polish to use as a base coat in the future. (Got to be beauty savvy)

Update: After waking up this morning I’m actually a bit smitten with them. It must be a love-hate thing.

20140213-101137 pm.jpg

20140213-101204 pm.jpg

January motivation

Original Image
I’ve tried writing this blog post three times today and I feel like giving up on it. I think the problem is I haven’t had the chance to write freely in ages. I hope your New Year is going well and you’re trying your best to stay upbeat and motivated? This week I’m on holiday and instead of being on an Internship I’ve actually taken time to rest.

This is very unlike me, I’m usually the type that has to be doing something proactive or career related. Instead I’ve actually booked a long overdue stay at my sisters student shindig in Leamington. (Glam baby!)

Anyway back to my picture, The one thing I want this year is a career that I can fall head over heels in,  I want something that doesn’t even feel like a job. That’s why I think some time away from work will make things clearer for me on what I want to do in the future. Recently I’ve fallen hard for the beauty industry it has drawn me in big time. Every time I see a new make-up collection I’m in awe of how beautiful it looks. I think that’s passion. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to get into the industry or how my degree can help me but I’m sure it’s something I really want to do.

So that’s it a nice break and some time to detox my mind/body.

Poundland Loving #001

Today I decided to visit Portobello, which is known for its mix of vibrant market stalls and antique gems.

However, I skipped the markets and decided to pop into the shops on Portobello Road and have a browse. Nothing really caught my eye that was until I went into one of the best Poundland’s I’ve ever visited. Yep, when it comes to finding bargains never underestimate the power of pound shops!

So, what exactly caught my eye? Well firstly they had the cutest jar of Nutella that I’ve ever seen (pictured below) and then their make-up section left me gawping for 10 minutes, while I tried to decide what to put in my basket.

In the end I decided to choose just one polish Revlon Top Speed Quick Dry polish in Hazy (talk about will power.)

Every make-up addict knows that you can find some true gems in pound shops.  On today’s visit I came across L’Orèal colour riche nail polishes, a Miss Sporty mascara, Rimmel Wake Me Up cream blusher and lots of other well-known brands. The products might be discontinued lines but they’re still good as new!

My trip to Poundland made me realise that you don’t need to spend so much on some make-up, polish etc! Sometime all we’re really paying for is just the name on a bottle. Be sure to check out Money Saving Expert’s Beauty thread for a more updated list for more bargain finds.

20131117-085105 pm.jpg

20131117-085618 pm.jpg

oh and how sweet are these animal nail stickers?

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 21.33.25

Tea, Cake and Chilled Sunday’s

DSC02938 DSC02939






DSC02950 DSC02957


Today, I had one of them crazy mornings where nothing was going right. First of all, I lost my iPhone charger, then I couldn’t find my kindle, my trains were delayed and my hair decided to do its own thing. Luckily things worked out and I made my way to this gorgeous little café in Highbury and Islington called Maison D’être. This place is perfect for them days where you want a peace of quiet to read a good book, drink some quality coffee or even catch up with some friends like I did. I haven’t seen my girlies, Shanté and Chrissie in two long months, so it was lovely to chat about life and everything inbetween. We also filmed part 1 of our book club vlogs so expect to see a post on that soon.

Unfortunately for me I have caught a cold, boo! However, I’m really looking forward to the month ahead. Until next time…

The Perfect White Tee?

Today has been one of them days where I’ve finally had some time to look through my wardrobe and decide what is going  to stay, be donated or recycled. While tidying my wardrobe, I noticed that my t-shirt section is really lacking in the basics. I probably own less than five, including the Topshop GEEK one, the less said about that… So here are some of my favourite picks that I’ve spotted online. The only problem I have now,  is choosing which one to get.

Items shown:

1) Just Female Just T-shirt, £33 ASOS

2) Oversized Top, £9.99, H&M

3) Reason Homies T, £30,  Urban Outfitters 

4) White embossed T-Shirt, £18 River Island

5) Criminal Damage Cenilé T, £25, BANK 

6) Croc Puff Print Tee, £22, Topshop 

: )

The Happy List


The smell of coffee first thing in the morning

Good news

Freshly Painted Nails, without smudges

Cats sitting on your laps purring

Hot tea and a good film on TV

Affectionate moments, hugs and cuddles

Freshly baked croissants

Walking around London, getting lost and then finding yourself again

Non stop giggles and chats with the girls

Breaking a new pair of heels in

The smell of a new book

Live music

The London skyline from Primrose Hill


Autumn sunshine and winter jackets


Babies faces when they realise that they’re eating something sour

Clean pyjamas

Weddings, seeing two people sharing an amazing connection

Flat 9

Sitting with my family watching The Million Pound Drop


Fresh doughnuts from Brighton Pier