Looking through my pictures on my phone is one of my favourite things to do when i’m bored, sad, feeling nostalgic or need cheering up. I hardly ever share my pics on the net (sheer laziness) so thought i would share a few of my pics. 

1) I grabbed this when it was International Women’s day… Neon signs are the best right?

2)  Can’t remember who this is by (sorry)! But always good to have a reminder

3) i’m the worst at doing anything to my hair but when i do it’s awesome

4) #makeupgoals

5)  One of my fav creative projects I’ve done for work 

 6) ❤️ Girl Lost in the city

7)  Paperchase merchandising on point!

8) Perfect Chloè Drew (ish) dupe bag? I think this is a contender but i do worry that boobs and cross body bags just aren’t a good look!?! 

9)  Minor celebrity orange is my personal fave!

10)  Pizza from Franca Manca! Affordable, tasty and gorge. Need i say more?



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