Things I really like at the moment


  • Taking pictures of flowers
  • Kanye West (all the songs from College Dropout) 
  • Parks and Recreations – the episode were April and Andy get hitched is beautiful
  • American Glamour magazine. Thanks to a handy website called issuu I have been reading old issues of USA Glamour. Their editorial is so diverse and fun
  • Elle UK’s July Issue – the body issue. Now themed magazines gripe me. Vogue’s annual age issue frustrates me at no end!! Anyway what i really like about the body issue is the features and the cover story with Ellie is really refreshing. 


  • Ramadan – just makes my heart feel full of joy seeing my family take part in this incredible spiritual time
  • These ASOS shoes are dreamy  


  • M&S £10 bra sets
  • How divine does this Hourglass palette look? It’s ALL l want for Xmas (image via Diary Directory)!


  •  Browsing the Fashion and Beauty books in Waterstone’s


  • Watermelon 🍉🍉🍉 

That’s pretty much my favourites so far! What’s yours?


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