Currently coveting #1

It’s Sunday! Boo….

Anyway here’s what I’m currently in my ‘shopping’ basket!

Untitled design
Untitled design (1)


1) H&M red linen shirt, 2) Real Techniques Sculpting Kit (currently on offer in Superdrug at the mo!), 3) Rose gold plate from H&M, 4) Nail Polish Remover ( I like the look of the bottle!), 5) Sophie Hulme bag! OK so pricey but if I was going to drop money on any ‘designer’ handbag right now it would be this. Plus I’ve got to support a fellow Kingston uni alumni!

6) OSKIA Cleansing gel – a really hyped up cleanser that I need to get my mitts on, 7) Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge (not yet released), 8 ‘Life after Life’ by Kate Atkinson, 9)  Margarat Dabbs Foot Cream (sexy I know) and finally Peanut Butter m&ms!

What’s in our virtual shopping basket peeps?



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