What’s on my desk?

My desk is a hell hole!

Here is what’s currently on my desk:

  • Star shaped plush toy that I won at a work summer fair
  • Paperchase desk jotter….
  • Hello! Fashion monthly ‘Fashion’s Coolest Couple’ aka Olivia Palermo and Johannes Hubel are on the cover… Has anyone else read Hello’s Fashion magazine? Thoughts?
  • Rose-gold make-up bag that I got free with some make-up brush kit from Boots! It’s currently home to lots of reciepts!
  • Notebook – random fact but I love notebooks
  • Soapsmith Lavender Hill & Marble Arch Body Butter Melt – intense fragrances
  • Purse with lots of cards and no monies aka story of my life
  • iPhone – bit broken at the mo
  • Lots of pens (without lids!)
  • ‘Wonder Woman mug’ – boyf bought it for in Brighton
  • Co Lab dry shampoo ‘ Tokyo’. Like the smell but Batiste Dry Shampoo is better!
  • TRESemme Perfectly Undone mouse thing that my colleague gave to me
  • Hot chocolate powder – have only had about 2 cups since opening in Dec ’14
  • Nescafe Azera ‘Americano’ coffee blend. It tastes a bit like dirt but it’s better than the gravel they have at work.
  • Peony fake flowers – love these and they only cost me a £1
  • TIGER make-up holder LUVVVV this at the moment it’s currently holding an Essence lip butter, Benefit ‘ Fake Up’ concealer in medium, MUA lippie, Rimmel ‘Kate Moss’ lipstick’, Rodial’s ‘five-minute’ facial, nail-file, two Maybelline Super Stay Polishes and a Barry M polish.
  • Time Bomb ‘Beyond a Balm’
  • Travel cup with stationery bits n bobs
  • Earl Grey Tea box – for when I’m feeling fancy
  • Magazine File
  • Nails Inc remover
  • Box of oats
  • Water bottle
  • Estee Lauder ‘Modern Muse’ EDP
  • ZARA ‘White’ perfume – so good post coming soon!

That’s it! OMG why do I have so much crap on my friggin’ desk – I need a desk detox!



One thought on “What’s on my desk?

  1. Love this post!! Sounds a bit like my desk!! Keep the posts coming honey bubs…would love to read more 👏👏

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