Let’s get motivated


So the last time I blogged I was just finishing my Internship at BeautyMART, looking back I was so glad that I e-mailed the founder in the spur of the moment and gained some really valuable experience out of it.

If you’ve just stumbled upon my blog I have documented my journey on trying to find my first graduate job and I finally have some good news for y’all…I’ve been offered a graduate placement at QVC UK joining their digital media team!

Since graduating there have been many times were I’ve felt like giving up but I kept persevering and spent nearly all my holidays off work on placements/experience. I really found websites such as How To Be Jobless, Go Think Big, IdeasTap and Graduate Fog really helpful when it came to keeping me motivated and inspired. (The GTB lunch time masterclasses helped me bag two work experience slots at Heat and Top Santé magazine- so what you waiting for?)

One of the biggest lessons I learnt in my gap year was to stop comparing myself to other people. I guess everyone’s pace in life is different and nothing is ever really planned!

I have no idea what the year ahead is going to bring me, but I’m so ready to get my teeth into something new!

Hello full time job, is it me you’re looking for….




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